Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Day #43...(17- 25)

Okay, having missed the game wrap for the Clippers game I'm squeezing everything into one minuscule but beautifully formed wrap/preview before tonight's home game against the Lakers.

First of all it was good to have Coach Adelman, Pek and Alexey Shved back against the Clippers...even though we lost to a team who are quickly becoming as odious as their Staples Center co-habitees...there were good bits...there were also many dreadful bits ( are you watching Derrick Williams?).

I don't know if anyone else felt this but I got the impression that some of the Wolves' players were totally affected by the Barnes incident....Barnes is a douche-bag, plain and simple and his conduct towards Greg Steimsma was completely pre-meditated. No matter where he has gone he has always prowled around with that perma-scowl on his face as if the whole world owes him something...maybe his parents didn't hug him enough.....whatever, the guy has serious baggage. It was almost as though the entire Clippers squad flexed their muscles at that same time and some of the Twolves didn't fancy the battle. This Clippers team, all of a sudden, have something to prove and there are plenty of older heads with super-egos sniffing the chance of a(nother) ring.....hand it to them these guys are together....sort of like the 2006 Heat.

Just my take...probably interpreted things all wrong.

Anyway onto tonight's game.

The other half of LA.

The Lakers seemed to have righted the ship after an atrocious start to this campaign. They had won three on the bounce before being bounced out of Phoenix by none other than my old friend Michael "Supercool" Beasley on Wednesday evening. That game also saw Dwight Howard take a shot to his "glass" shoulder which leaves him questionable out for tonight.

Looking forward to Rubio v Nash....if the Suns can roll the Lakers an under strength Minnesota should be in with a shout.

Footnote: I'd like to see Chris Johnson get some burn....not used at all against the Clips and I felt there were times where Pek was blowing pretty hard in his first game back....Johnson gives energy in buckets. I'm sure Mr Adelman knows what he's doing though...he's extremely clever

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