Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Philadelphia (8-8)

0.500 was regained in emphatic fashion by the Minnesota Timberwolves last night.

I expected a "pummeling" and I watched a "slaughter"......Plan A was put on ice as the shots rained in from all angles....and dropped.

If we are to believe Malik Rose...the Twolves were either very lucky or the Twolves were just very did eventually, by the 3rd quarter, cross his mind that the reason sooooooo many threes were falling was that the Sixers perimeter defense was shocking and the Wolves shooters were able to draw diagrams of projected trajectories prior to release.

Excuse me...that's MISTER 100% to you.....

This was a professional performance...yeah, sure, guys got hot if you consider that Howard, Lee, Shved and D-Will were, collectively, 11/16 from downtown. The only player to struggle from distance was K-Love and he was clearly frustrated by it,  however we all know he will get that stroke back.

Alexey Shved ( fast becoming known as "The Dude" see Canis Hoopus for explanation ) had another good fact the backcourt did well as a whole...JJ Barea again did the right things more often than not....He seems to be striking up a good relationship with Dante Cunningham who he found on his "spot" several times last night...Barea put Holiday on toast and his driving and kicking out was fairly impressive on most occasions. Luke was steady and Malcolm Lee hit his open jumpers, 100% young man, no argument with that.

On to Beantown now for some deviance and doucheball.

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