Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Orlando (12-10)

Go baby, go baby, go....

Yeah okay......so what?

It's hard to watch the Twolves being beaten up by Glen Davis. It just is. Especially in a game that was supposed to be the last really winnable one before the perfect storm which lies ahead.....Miami, OKC, NYK....

For the first half the Wolves looked to be by far the superior team in every department and had a coolness and swagger about them that said...we are going to take care of business and move on. Well, one misplaced Kevin Love elbow later and everything is arse over tit. The third quarter stutters became fourth quarter woes and the team seemed to look somewhat lost as the game drew to a close.

Not quite sure what we are meant to think about this?

Rick Rubio played 16.28 and nothing really came off for him...the rest of the team seemed to do well enough  in most areas but the shooting went stale and the Magic capitalized behind the wide-load of Big Baby.

So, with Ricky, as we are led to believe, sitting out against Miami tonight you would think that the Heat will have too much for the Wolves. Even with the Unicorn playing it would be a tough match up BUT do not write off a big night from the other guards...nor for PLAN A ( which now includes AK47) to come roaring back.

Depends on shots falling...and continuing to fall....all night long.