Saturday, December 1, 2012

Milwaukee (7-8)

Well, that was a welcome surprise.

Kevin Love got his stomach under control...if not his shooting hand AND the backcourt (all except Malcolm Lee who did not feature...I can almost hear the rings of joy from where I'm sitting 3500 miles away) turned in a decent performance.

It was a slow death for the Bucks with Minnesota squeezing the life out of a perky Milwaukee side gradually. Even when the Wolves scored a measley 11 points in the 3rd quarter the Bucks only managed to tally 16...this was the final kick of resistance from the away team and the life ebbed out of the game.

Shved blasts past Ellis last night
Good solid performance by the Timberwolves. All the players who got court time contributed in one way or another, however, if we are to single one performance out it would be the continued rise of Alexey Shved. This kid may look like an extra from Grand Theft Auto but he can play and he showed it last night against high earning Monta Ellis. Not only did he upset Ellis with his length on the defensive end but he showed a promising variation in his attacking play...driving, dishing, outside shooting, floaters....they all seem to be there. If he keeps this level of performance up he will become a cult hero in Minneapolis.

In the fourth quarter Rick Adelman had the luxury of being able to have Shved, Barea and Ridnour on the court together for stretches. This seemed to totally confound the Bucks and Shved ran riot.

Plan A (Love and Pek) both notched double doubles but both are still having some difficulty with put backs, bunnies...the shooting stats Love 5-19 (1-7 from 3pt range) for 15 pts and Pek 5-14 for 14 pts are hardly what we've come to expect but it'll come around and to be fair they did gather more than half of the total team rebounds between them.

Good solid win in difficult times....even JJ Barea gets pass marks last night.....go JJ!

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