Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miami (12-11)

Once more I arrive at the game wrap exceedingly late....and all the good words have been taken and used bad.

Anyway let's get on and try to hash something out.
The Miami Heat bring out the worst in me....

They are a good side....I'm warming to that kid LeBron James, I think he may have a future in the game. If it's possible to put aside ( which, for me, is still a struggle ) "The Summer of Lebron" and just watch this guy play the can see why Miami will probably go onto repeat their winning ways this year.....he is getting better, if that is humanly possible. He directed his team through this game with orchestral precision, prompting them to do their jobs and to a level he expects.

Outside Lebron you have Dwyane Wade.

This is..sorry..used to be...MY HOUSE
I don't like Dwyane Wade so even if he did play well he won't get any congratulatory plaudits in these here parts. If it's possible to put aside "The Summer of LeBron"......Nah! Duh-Wuh-yane is still a talented if posturing, spoilt child. Sadly, I find similarities in Wade's antics in demanding that he be surrounded by the league's best K-Love's ill advised tete a tete with a particular Yahoo sports jounalisto in which he made moan of the lack of talent at Minnesota. You either applaud this or you don't. I choose not to. Sorry Kev.
If Wade is on your team you adore him....if you don't have him on your team he's getting harder to like as he is beginning to trade heavily on his reputation. Sure, he tore Alexey Shved apart on Tuesday and schooled the kid....big deal....Shved will learn from it and come back stronger.....he'll learn also that Wade, despite his fading grandeur, still gets calls for the most inocuous infractions and tends not to get called when he's an obvious perpetrator. That's life in the NBA. Mark it zero Dude, next frame.

Most of the other players that Miami have are fairly good...they generally wait around the three point line or other selected spots for LeBron to find them and then nail the shots...nothing wrong with that. Ray Allen must believe he has retired to Florida early. Bosh flits in and out when required.......Battier, Haslem (coolest dude on the planet), Anthony, Miller all chip in from time to time and their PGs punch way, way above their weight.

Mario Chalmers.... this young man is so lucky to have D-Wade's ear and to be on that Miami team where he can just hit the occasional shot and play defense like an out and out thug. My friend over at Dos Minutos
( Heat blog) was joking, (maybe not) that Rubio was kept out to avoid Chalmers. You don't want our best player being nobbled by a slugger like this on his way back from if that's what it was...great decision. What Chalmers lacks in talent he attempts to make up for in chippiness and aggression. Norris Cole did a number on JJ Barea which I must admit surprised me a bit.

In fact that seemed to be the flavor of the night. Even though the rebounding numbers, 53-24 in favor of the Wolves, suggest that Minnesota bullied Miami all over the glass..the Heat had 14 blocks....14!! they also scored 25 points off a massive 20 Wolves the "D" was intense. Bear in mind too that they (as just about everyone in the league has) hopelessly out-gunned us from 3 point range.....4/17 just isn't going to get things done against this Miami outfit....not by any manner of means.

Once the Heat spread the chaos it was lights out for the Wolves.

Minnesota was in this game for a long time and whilst not playing all that well......hopefully we'll turn a corner soon.