Thursday, December 20, 2012

Game Day #24

What fresh hell is this?

The Minnesota Timberwolves will find themselves back at 0.500 this evening unless the fates align and the Oklahoma Express derails itself in a bid to notch its thirteenth consecutive victory.

At this stage every single Timberwolves fan knows what needs to happen for their team to stay in a game and be competitive......hit open particular three point shots.....and protect the ball.

All the other constituent parts seem to be there in one way or another...rebounding is especially pleasing.

Rubio, Love and Kirilenko should make OKC sit up and take notice and match up favorably with Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka....Pek will go banging with Perkins and Shved will be asked to man-up on Sefalosha....benches should be fairly even.

Why are we despondent?

Doesn't hope spring eternal?

Let's go Wolves....take it to them.....hit those shots.