Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Game Day #19 Denver

Not tonight folks....according to Jerry Zgoda on twitter

Looks like our unicorn will be lurking in the shadows until ( possibly) the weekend. I'm a bit concerned about this, I mean, what on earth is going to occur in the next few days that will make any difference?

Once more we have this ridiculous game of cat and mouse instead of the staff just coming out and saying Ricky is ready...he'll be back on such and such a date. Mystery over.

So we take on Denver, in the second of four games this season, without him.

However before we get to that let's take a quick peek at what else has been occurring in the festering morass of "down time"......hmmmmmm....well, looky here, the social media circus has been set alight by Jim Petersen talking about the disposal of sewage in, no, only joking, although he did tweet that. No, you know what I'm hinting at........the K-Love remarks.......the remarks that will probably have one half of the fanbase applauding him for standing up to the muppets in the front office and the other half haranguing him for being such a wealthy, spoilt, self-indulgent cry baby.

What? You want to know where I stand?
For me, it boils down to the money.....

Love doesn't want to sound "bitter over it," he says, because he understands that no one wants to hear him unhappy over a four-year, $62 million contract. In so many ways, the contract is beyond his wildest dreams. Yet the five-year, $80 million maximum designation the franchise could have given him represented the commitment he wanted to make to Minnesota, the way with which a first-team All-NBA player and Olympian should stand shoulder to shoulder with a city, an organization. 

Okay, Love wants the kind of respect that is being doled out to players of a similar standing to himself. I can understand that. I just cannot and will not accept the amount of money that professional sports people get is obscene....but it is what it is. We don't have Timmy Duncan on our hands here, we have Kevin Love. Love has made it abundantly clear by his comments that he is in it for the money...he is a professional, professionals should be paid a wage in consonance with their ability, marketability and value to the franchise...Love does not need to have an allegiance to the fanbase ( although these are the endearing qualities which make you a legendary player and allow your uniform to be hoisted to the rafters rather than burned along with your effigy!) he simply needs to produce.....which, to be fair, he has.

I share the confusion of those who fail to see what Kevin Love has to gain from issuing these comments at this present moment in time. In the off season, when he was doing press-ups on his fists, The Twolves operated successfully in shedding dead wood in the likes of Beasley, Johnson, Ellington, Flynn, Milicic, Randolph, Webster and Tolliver....the replacing them with Budinger (upgrade), Roy (upgrade), Cunningham (upgrade), Kirilenko (UPGRADE!!), Shved ( upgrade), Stiemsma (solid), Amundsen (solid), Howard (experience). That's a fair old turn over...all players that Rick Adelman thinks will be able to play in his system...long term.

So what does this mean....

"Look at different teams around the league," he says. "Look at a San Antonio that continues to add talent around [Tim] Duncan and [Manu] Ginobili and [Tony] Parker. Look at what happens in Oklahoma City, the players they continue to add around their star players. Even the trade they had where they lost [James] Harden, they still added players that were going to fit well in their system. And speaking of small markets, look at a team like Memphis and all they've been able to accomplish. They're getting the most out of their entire organization." 

Does it mean that Love thinks that the organization have added NO talent....the NO talent that got the club off to a flying start in this season's NBA before injuries, once more, stalled things? I'm not sure what he means but it sounds like he's taking a pop not only at the FO but the very players he has to run onto the court with tonight.

I hope I'm wrong and I'm sure this will all be blown out of proportion. Kevin Love seems to be a solid guy. I'm sure he'll let us all know what he thinks and what he meant in due course. I'll cut him some slack for the moment.

Right! Onto this evening's game with the Nuggs who hope to dispense another beating upon us on our home patch. Not going to happen, I don't think. The Twolves with 4 days off to practice and talk to the media should be fit and raring to go. They owe the Target Center crowd a performance. We should know what to expect from Denver...activity from Faried, the unexpected from Brewer.

Home win.