Friday, December 7, 2012

Game Day #18 Cleveland

The Minnesota Timberwolves, in a bid to bounce back to winning ways, welcome the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers to the Target Center this evening. The Cavs have lost their last 3 games - The Wolves come home after a slapping in Boston. Looking at the last 10 games the records are pretty similar 2-8 Cavs, 3-7 Wolves.

Gee over Pau...see what I did?
It would appear that Ricky Rubio will not be making his much awaited comeback in this game but Andrei Kirilenko seems to have shaken off the spasms in his lumbar region and is good to go. This should bring back some direction and stability to the front court where Love and Pek have been treading water recently.

Okay, so, Cleveland yeah, well there's that Varaejo guy who will put himself about and there's Alonzo Gee who seems a bit of a handful but they are still without their main firepower in Irving and Waiters so it's got to be a home victory.

Much tittle tattle about Pau Gasol today and the continued fact rumour that David Kahn has a huge man crush on him...a fact rumour which he quashed vehemently ( read here ) earlier today. I'm of the opinion that we have enough gimpiness on this team already and Pau's age and injuries go against him at this point. Great, great player and the Spanish Armada would be a mouthwatering prospect but it doesn't really make sense......does it?.....I don't know.

I'm sure something will come out of smoke and all that.