Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dallas (12-9)

Sorry folks, haven't much felt like writing anything for the past couple of days. As a teacher the events in Sandy Hook have saddened me greatly and as a Scotsman it brought back dreadful memories of the Dunblane massacre. I just didn't feel like doing anything.

Still we all move on.......whether we are any the wiser I know not.

With K-Love and The Big German both missing from this encounter you may have been forgiven for thinking that the game would be somewhat devalued.......well.....Ricky was back....can anyone honestly say, during the contest, that they said to themselves (or their significant other(s))...

"Gee! I wish Kevin Love was playing tonight!!"

Nope me neither.

Now I'm not saying that The Wolves are better off without Kevin Love...they are definitely and infinitely better with a 100% fit Kevin Love. It's just that players like Derrick Williams and Greg Stiemsma seemed to be invigorated by his absence

So is this sudden bout of "FLU" (???) so extreme that it keeps Love out of the game in which Ricky Rubio ( his main adversary in the quest for franchise domination) makes his comeback? Hmmmmmm......something very, very fishy about the whole thing. Love's game is a train wreck at the moment and he looks very frustrated out there on the floor. He needs to be "the man" and he is stinking the place out.....okay, the entire fan-base were willing to be patient with him until he regains his form (which he will) but right now things are taking an unexpected twist and we are left wondering how much of the truth we are being told.

Let's leave this behind for the meantime and concentrate on the game.

The Wolves got off to a slow start. The first quarter deficit ballooned to 13 points at one stage and the difference was 10 points when, with 1.47 left in the first, Ricky Rubio was roared back onto the court by the Target Center crowd. By the time he left for a breather with 6.16 to go in the second the Wolves had nudged in front by a deuce.


There were myriad nuances and much ebbing and flowing during this game all of which are captured brilliantly on other sites....for example Punch Drunk Wolves.

Rick Adelman paid the most glowing tribute of all....." When he (Rubio) has the ball in his hands...I'm a lot better coach."