Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cleveland (9-9)

The Wolves keep the Cavs from the door last night as they huff and puff their way to a 9th victory of the season.....I'm sure that's the way the tabloids would describe it.

Lots to admire in the victory intertwined with periods of sub-standard basketball.....Please take off any loose articles and keep your hands and feet inside the carriage.....all aboard?

difference maker...
Kevin Love and the Wolves got off to a hot start which didn't bode well for Cleveland who struggled mightily with Minnesota until the bench were introduced. Andrei Kirilenko was back and his influence was huge, particularly on the defensive end of the floor but also in attack where his decision making is razor sharp. His stat line had me salivating and the Wolves announcers were quick to spot that he was on the cusp of a 5x5...he was all over this game....and this had the desired effect on Love who pummeled Vareajo and anyone else the Cavs decided to throw at him..10/19 (36 pts - 2/5 from downtown), 14/18 from the line and 13 boards. Easy to see that Kevin made the decision not to force the three and get his touch back at the charity stripe first...that's the bread and butter...the long ball is a luxury at the will come.

The game was lit up by some highlight reel dunks from the impressive Alonzo Gee but other than that the Cavs offered very little and the Wolves were able to see this out in an understated and "taking care of business" fashion.

Luke Ridnour looked more like his old self and although he still missed a few open shots he was 6/12 and dished out 7 dimes...some of those assists were beautiful to watch. I don't think we should underestimate the value of having a player like Ridnour at the Wolves, he knows his limitations and gives 100% effort every single night, whether he is injured or not. He is a perfect foil or back-up for Ricky Rubio and just seems to be a good person. As I've said before, on many occasions here, I love the guy.

Over the next few there are no games scheduled...thought will turn to trade talks and other such fancies. We'll deal with that stuff then.