Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boston (8-9)

What a difference a day makes.

I am not going to enter into this in great detail.....I am writing this way, way after the fact and everything has been said already.

Anyone care to join me in a glass?
That was a grim showing in was horrible to see the Twolves be almost bullied into submission. Say what you want about Kevin Garnett, he plays hard and he's still producing....he made Kevin Love look small last night....Love is firing on 40% power and, yes, we need to be patient but the truth is Garnett has psyched him out in almost all of their meetings to date. KG and Rondo have earned their stripes but I don't have any respect for either of them....

Free throws, free throws, free throws....14/30 (46.7%) is a fresh kind of hell but let's be honest the Celtics missed a bunch too 18/26 (69.2%)....14/30 is shameful but wasn't the story to this defeat.

The Twolves were never at the races in the second half and the shooting woes returned.

PLUS - the notorious homerisms of the Celtics presentation team were in full flow.......and they were the latest set of ignoramuses to struggle with the name Shved....SH-VED...not too difficult.

This was just the cherry on top.

One up, two back.

Let's gargle, spit and move on.