Monday, November 26, 2012

Trade bait?

With a couple of days inactivity (for the paying fan) discussions have turned, once more, to how Minnesota can bolster it's roster in the trade market. Malcolm Lee, Luke Ridnour, JJ Barea ( all guards - go figure) and perennial trade favourite, Derrick Williams, have all been flushed through the NBA trade machine in the past few days.

The general consensus is that things will improve greatly once Ricky Rubio returns, which may be sooner rather than later...but I'm sure he won't rushed. There is no doubt that this is the case, Rubio will galvanise the squad but Chase Budinger, it turns out,  is being missed just as much......hence the trade talk....we need someone to stand and hit three pointers and play some scrappy defense.

Talk, in the discussion on CH, centered around Derrick Williams, Jared Dudley and JJ Redick.

To my mind it would appear that D-Will is now on borrowed time in Minnesota... especially now that Kevin Love has made a speedy recovery and is straight back into the starting be honest the long range forecast was never very bright for Williams and many questioned his selection at #2 in the 2010 Draft, given the Love scenario and that Mike Beasley was clogging up the 3 spot . It may be that a move is that Derrick needs to help his fledgling career take flight? Is he being asked to play a style of game that isn't natural for, drive drive.....when he patently prefers to shoot the ball? feels as though it's the end of the line.

So who would we like as a trade piece?

Well, as mentioned above, Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns and JJ Redick of the Orlando Magic seem to be the players that are gathering most interest. Here we have two players who have had very contrasting fortunes, so far, this season. Dudley, a firm favourite with Phoenix fans has recently been demoted from the starting line-up due mainly to poor shooting, lack-lustre defense and the worrying preponderance of social networking over basketball..( apparently he has developed a "Twitter finger" instead of a trigger finger). I watched Dudley for the first 11 games of the season...he has been pretty poor and his shot is coming up consistently short. He also seems to have lost his spark which made him the all out hustle guy the Suns' faithful thought so highly of. There could be an argument here that Dudz just needs a change of scenery in order to regain his mojo....his money makes sense and he seems to be a really excellent team guy.
Redick, I feel, would need to be locked down quickly as he has had a superb start to the season and his stock is rising with every passing contest. He is a great shooter, is scrappy and smart. He costs that bit more and will be looking for more cash next year.

I think either of these guys could be got for Derrick Williams and right now it seems to make perfect sense.

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