Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sacramento (6-7)

49 - 44....yeah!

We won the second half.....for a brief second I thought the Kings were going to spoil it but in the end they just did too many dumb things to justify them winning anything. With Tyreke Evans looking like he meant business I was very surprised he wasn't given more of the ball as the Kings made a push at about half way through the final stanza....instead Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins were given their heads and it all kind of petered out.

Basically our coach is much, much better than their coach and collectively the Twolves were better.

The plaudits are obvious ones so I'm going to vent a little on what displeased me last's a case of deja vu.....JJ Barea is doing my brick in. We want Barea to be the player that you hate when he's on the opposing team...the waspish, in your face, pit-bull of a PG that makes you play hard every minute he's on the court against you and can slice defenses open with his driving, dishing and shooting...the kind of contributor he was in Dallas. What I'm finding is that he's annoying me....I'm annoyed that he over dribbles....I'm annoyed that continually flops ( is this necessary against Isaiah Thomas? I think not)....and I'm annoyed that he thinks he can throw 30 ft no look, behind the back, passes to no-one in particular. I could go on. I won't.

No Derrick Williams last night.

This game was far from a pretty thing but right now the Twolves need to start feeling that winning feeling again any which way they can.

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