Thursday, November 29, 2012

Los Angeles (Clippers 6-8)


Tough break for the if there aren't enough injuries piling up Kirilenko goes down with the dreaded "back spasms"......they really, really, reeeeeeeally missed him which just shows you what an important acquisition he was in the off season.

The game was lamentable.

Chris Paul ran the show really and the shooting woes for Minnesota continued. I know that's very lazy but it just about covers things.

Kevin Love's hand isn't mended and this could be of major concern over the next few days. During last night's encounter he was constantly flexing it and massaging it....that can't be good, can it? He's playing amazingly well for being hampered but it's hard to watch. If it's still so painful then he's got to rest it further...I see no point in causing more injury to it at this stage.

JJ Barea continues to infuriate me.

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