Sunday, November 25, 2012

Golden State (5-7)

Take a look at these numbers

48 - 53, 36 - 57, 40 - 53, 36 - 49.

These are the scores for the second halves of the last four Twolves games with our tallies (obviously) in green. On average tailing off to the tune of  15.5 points...ouch!. It was alarming how far off the pace the team against both Portland and last night in Oakland. There is no doubt that Rick Adelman has seen his best laid plans be thrown into total disarray, having lost at first Rubio to long term injury then Love and Roy and lastly Budinger...these are four big pieces for Minnesota as they aim to move forward. Anyway, whatever the upshot of the season may be ( we're all  fairly certain the return of Ricky Rubio will bolster things significantly ), right now, the Twolves are pretty bad...especially in 2nd halves.

So, as most Twolves fans are doing at the moment, we suck it up and look to the future.

As in Portland the GSW guards kept them in the hunt early on as Klay Thompson and Steph Curry scored impressively....the forwards then took up the slack as the Minnesota frontline disintegrated.....Draymond Green?....Pek being posterized by Harrison Barnes?....Love holding onto the ball on the three point arc for an eternity....Barea going all "Johnny Flynn" with his dribbling....etc

Rick Adelman will sort this out....but a win is required, urgently. Sacramento are 4-9 and there is already a win notched against them in Game #2 of the season...however that seems like a long time ago and before the befuddlement began.

no Game until Tuesday...everything will be fine.

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