Thursday, April 5, 2012

Close down......

.....and that, really, is that.

The only questions that remain is what the hell the management are going to do to put a decent product on the court next season. It will be a seriously bad move should there be no trading and no strengthening at the 2 position. You get this horrible feeling deep in the pit of your stomach that the front office will look at the early part of this season when Ricky, K-Love and Pek were making sweet music and use this as a template for the future.....everything was skating along's the injuries....just the injuries....nothing else.

They would be very wrong to think this....but there is a chance they might.

There is now a need for some hard decisions to be taken and for some of the more obvious detritus to be cleared away. Many T-wolves fans around the interweb and blogosphere are stridently calling for changes and have been for some time, to be honest.

Questions hang order of urgency....(after the fold)

1. Wes Johnson
2. Martell Webster
3. Darko Milicic
4. Anthony Randolph
5. Derrick Williams
6. Michael Beasley

Adelman's fascination with Wesley Johnson is the biggest head scratcher of the entire season....and it's Sod's Law that he'll play every single game - never miss a beat - and ghost his way through them all. He has contributed very, very little for a player who was touted as having such (whisper it) "promise"....What on earth is going on here?

Remember when Martell Webster was out for the first "however many" games of the season and we were all so desperate for him to return because we knew he would give us that outside shooting that we so badly needed? Remember? Didn't happen....what worth does Martell have? For every good thing he does he does three dumb things.....and his hair is the only thing people speak about.....not good.

Darko has gone....end of story....his disappearance is now being thinly veiled as a hamstring injury. We all know who has ultimately been hamstrung in the Darko deal. The manna has gone bad. I feel rotten about that....I like Darko and think he could be so valuable to this team if he could just get his head right...yadda, yadda yadda.....

AR - gone too. Adelman doesn't like him. Any mistake is pounced upon with the ferocity of a lion on an unsuspecting wildebeast. There is no trust and Randolph needs to know that he can make the odd error...because he will.....too late for him now.

Derrick Williams is the jewel in the crown as regards trade potential and probably the only way that we are going to get anything of value at the 2 position is by giving up the rook..and a cluster of others. I can see Khan et al baulking at any trade scenarios surrounding D-Will but in all seriousness where is the kid going to go as regards playing time on this Twolves team...we need K-Love at the 4, Pek at the 5....BUT we also need a 2, desperately.

Mike Beasley looked to be gone at the trade deadline and I'd kind of prepared myself for that. His first two seasons have now been hampered by injury but in truth B-Easy hasn't exactly been tearing it up on a regular basis. I have the feeling that he and his dodgy toes and ankles are on borrowed time.

These six players, for one reason or another are the six who should hold their collective hands up and admit that they have done very little this season. Wesley Johnson is the main culprit as he's been given so much rope he's hopelessly tangled in its coils. Beasley too, despite his injuries, needs to be doing more. I do feel he's made progress this season and seems to be more engaged but consistency still eludes him and he still cannot deal with it mentally.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens.

This will be the last post from Howl at the Moon as I feel I want to get more involved over at Canis Hoopus...which none the best basketball site in all basketball-dom. Most of the things I say here have either already been said over there or really aren't worth saying at all. If you've been dropping in from time to time thanks for that...hopefully we'll meet up again over on CH.

Enjoy the summer.

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