Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trade Deadline....What Gives?

A few thoughts on early trades and things stand

The merry-go-round was kick started yesterday with the 5 man deal between The Warriors (Ellis/Udoh/Brown) and the Bucks ( Bogut/Jackson).

HATM Verdict :  Seems marginally better for the Bucks who off-load a crock and a troublemaker and acquire Ellis who should energize their attack...but I say marginally because if Bogut stays healthy and Jackson can screw his head on straight they could make a big difference at Golden's a big "if" though....( move by GSW - flip Jax onto SAS for a conditional first rounder)


Then we find out that Mike D'Antoni has resigned as the Knicks Head Coach. This saddens me slightly...not because I have have any inherent affection for D'Antoni...although I did enjoy watching his Phoenix teams's just that you don't even have to read between the lines to see that this was a classic Coach v Star situation.

There's only room for so many at the top table......"Linsanity" which captivated NBA fans for the first two weeks of February was brought to a shuddering halt with the re-emergence of Carmelo from injury...D'Antoni had this to say then....

"We have to get some things sorted out and we know that. We have to figure out what type of team we are the identity we have to have." 

To be fair D'Antoni had the Knicks playing like a team and Jeremy Lin was "the" factor in their success through the period up until Anthony's return. When questioned as to how he was going to keep his star player happy and blend his game with the effervescence of Lin, D'Antoni remarked.....

"He's gotta be Carmelo Anthony. Attack, go. If you get the ball, go. Do your thing. You don't have to fit in. What's fitting in? What's that mean? I don't know what that means. Jeremy will orchestrate the ball....[Anthony] can't think in his mind, 'OK, I gotta give up this part.' No, he's gotta play and Amar'e's gotta play and Jeremy's gotta sort it out. 

Soooo, leave it all to Jeremy....I'm sure that went down well. Looking over the last 10 games, of which NYK have won only two, Anthony has been the top scorer 6 times, Stoudemire and Lin 2 times a-piece. I don't really think D'Antoni had a hope of getting his idea across to Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo wants to be the "go to guy" period. The Knicks front office were always going to bend over and take it from their marquee player.

HATM Verdict: We've heard it all's a business....NYK don't benefit from this and will return to  one dimensional shame!


So what will happen in Minnesota?

Smart money has been on the departure of Michael Beasley. As I've said already, many times, I love Mike...he was the reason I walked away from the Miami Heat as they started  their "South Beach Super Star Collection"....and the reason I support the Minnesota Timberwolves. Should he be traded I will feel a bit of a traitor to wave goodbye to him. I can see the reasoning behind a move but I can also see reasons for hanging on to Michael Beasley. I think he's found some sort of order in his life now and is responding to the hard lessons he's being set by Rick Adelman. Adelman is asking B-Easy to become more proficient at making good decisions...this won't happen over-night....I'd like to see him stay and develop further under Adelman.

I certainly don't want him swapped for Jason Richardson...please...just no.

HATM Verdict: Beasley will be traded...I sincerely hope I'm wrong though.

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