Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still hurt but available for selection...

I have missed the last 4 games due to injury...not that I was added to the Twolves "hurt" list or anything.

Still a bit sore and tight so I'll keep this brief(ish)...before heading off to rehab.

I was thinking prior to the Memphis game that we would need to go 7-3 over the next 10 games for us to, realistically, still be in with a shout...ofcourse other games would have to go our way too and we'd need to get Pek, Barea and Bease back asap.
Gonna give you my love...gonna give you my love!

Here's (what has already occured and) how I hope....hope, mind you......things may pan out, given a decent couple of bounces...

@ Memphis (Lose) 0-1
@Charlotte (Win) 1-1
V Boston (Lose) 1-2
@ Portland (Win) 2-2
@ Sacramento (Win) 3-2
V Golden State (Win) 4-2
@ New Orleans (Win) 5-2
V Phoenix (Win) 6-2
@ Denver (Lose) 6-3
V Clippers (Win) 7-3

I had the first 2 right but then again I suppose they were pretty much "no brainers".....a loss to the Bobcats would have been the final kick in the head and as such, unthinkable. The Twolves are still in there scrapping but that is just about it. K-Love is being ridden hard and put up wet every single night and you wonder how long that can continue before something snaps. We are at the point where we are relying heavily on AT and Wayne to get us some points and play solid "D".....Wes, D-Will and Martell are more cold than hot.....Luke is struggling on manfully......Darko is...Darko is...Darko is no more?

For that 5 game winning streak that Adelman so badly covets (highlighted in red) to happen Pek needs to get himself back....if he comes back for the home game against the Celtics we may even pinch that as they are very unpredictable at the moment....then again so are the TWolves and basically they could win or drop any of the next 10. As mentioned above you also have to figure in that all the teams who are fighting for the 8th spot have to play each other and the seemingly tanking teams in the Conference. The Twolves just have to do what they can do and play hard.

I'm going to sit this run out and see how it goes 7-3 puts us 31-29 before we have to play OKC and Indiana...which will probably see us back at 0.500....who knows?

Whatever, given the injuries and the truncated season Adelman has done miracles with this squad.

See you April 13th.....for a stock take.

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