Sunday, March 18, 2012


Earlier in the season the Twolves lumbered past the Kings, at the Target Center, by a couple of  points.

They were "Love-less" that night (due to "stomp-gate") but had a great defensive performance from Ricky Rubio and an even better all round performance from Nikola Pekovic.

BFFs forever and ever.....
This game comes at a time when Minnesota are in the midst of mini-slide and the Kings are finding their feet, sort of. On Friday the sleepy Boston Celtics were unmercilessly slaughtered at the Power Balance Pavilion to the tune of 25 points.....I'm not too concerned about could work in our favor if anything.

I don't think Sacramento will be able to contain Pek and Love and I fully expect to see DeMarcus Cousins heading to the bench with that all too familiar scowl on his face as he picks up three quick personal fouls. There is a huge question mark over the fitness of Tyreke Evans but Michael Beasley has decided to tear himself away from Nickelodeon to suit up for the gotta love Mike.

He and K-Love.... our very own Fan-Boy and Chum-Chum.

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