Wednesday, March 7, 2012


On home turf this time.

Who you calling Mr Bean?!
The Twolves stood tall against the Blazers, in Portland, on Sunday....hitting them with 40 points in the opening quarter, withstanding the comeback in quarters two and three then piling another 38 points on top of them in the fourth.....the win ended up looking fairly convincing.

As we said previously Portland have some seriously good individuals...Aldridge, Wallace, Batum, Crawford...yeah, yeah, yeah....but they don't really seem to be getting it together collectively.

They most certainly buckled when the Twolves countered their comeback several days ago...

Batum seems to be their star man at the moment and his numbers seem to be on the rise. He's the kind of wing player that many Minnesota fans covet. Our wing man, Wesley Johnson will get another go at Batum tonight....I don't really expect any sort of different outcome but am ofcourse willing to be pleasantly surprised and delighted should Wes hit some shots and play consistent solid defense for however many minutes RA gives him.

Also be interesting to see how the D-Will/Crash tussle develops....keep a close eye on that one.

Will Pek be rested for a further night or will Darko get the green light to continue?

Will Mike Beasley come to the party?

All will be revealed.......home win.

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