Saturday, March 3, 2012


You look at the caliber of player the Trailblazers have at their disposal and the general experience of that's fairly stacked.....Aldridge, Batum, Camby, Crawford, Przybilla, Wallace etc.....tough eh?

The weary Timberwolves have cut a less than convincing swaithe across California and Arizona and now land in Oregon before heading back to the twin cities for 4 consecutive home games. I say "less than convincing" but should they manage to beat Portland tonight that will give them a 2-2 record for his road trip which has included back-to-back-to-back performances...that really doesn't read too badly.

What you don't see from that 2-2 stat is just how painful those two defeats were and how indifferent some of the players' performances were. There were one or two questionable coaching decisions mainly Kevin Love sitting out the Lakers game with flu like symptoms only to return against Phoenix and play 40 minutes as part of a short rotation (only 8 players).....I was one, of many, baffled by this.

Maybe it is Rick Adelman's intention to go to his bench guys tonight?

I would have thought that playing Ellington, Randolph, Milicic and Tolliver, to name but a few, might have made more sense against the Suns.....but I'm not an NBA coach and Rick Adelman has put 18 wins on the board this season.

This game is very, very tough and the Twolves, right now, are so hard to predict....shots need to fall and free throws need to be nailed....maybe if the Trailblazers look at video of our last two games they'll underestimate us...that would work!

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