Thursday, March 8, 2012

Portland Trailblazers 94 - Minnesota Timberwolves 106

Really good win.

Seemingly a different player ( or two ) pops up each night to join the perma-consistent Kevin Love in an attempt to fill out the stat I would imagine, if your facing the Twolves, you tell your players, "Hey, I don't know!.... they can all hurt you...just expect anything!"....I have no idea about "scouting"....I wonder what they do say about us?

good reason to smile this time.....
Anyway.....that display was for those of us who have been following Wes Johnson's anaemic performances so far this season and wishing him dropped from the starting line-up....I mean, as I said in my preview yesterday I was prepared to be surprised but not AMAZED.

Where the hell did that come from??....I assume, to borrow some American sporting parlance, "left field" would be the most appropriate location. Admittedly Wes has been on a slight upwards trajectory over the past few games but last night he just exploded offensively.....3 dunks? I have his named circled 8 times in red pen on my game notes for GOOD stuff.....due to its ferocity and suddenness this performance harbors the strong smell of an anomaly but I and many others sincerely hope it isn't.....Johnson has had one of the longest leashes ever granted to a starter....suddenly Adelman finds him sitting obediently at his ankle.

Can Wes kick on from here?....we'll cross our fingers for him.

Luke Ridnour - Ninja
The other point to note last night was because of Wes's outburst Michael Beasley's time was brief to say the least....that's fair enough but I thought he looked pretty good when he came into the game in the second quarter...he seemed ready to play, he had a quick 5 points a sweet two and an even sweeter 3. Martell Webster played nearly three times as long as Beasley and did fine, two big three pointers and a few free throws. It just seems that the writing is on the wall for #8 and Rick Adelman is going to back the guy who is "less likely" to screw up....Webster will screw up...but he doesn't disappear like Mike does when it happens, he's a lot tougher mentally and will go out and play as though nothing has happened...he can deal with it. Mike is improving in this area but it seems that the clock has run out on him and Minnesota, having thrust themselves into play-off contention, will look to trade......I'm kinda sad about that.

One last thing....

Did I ever tell you....I love.....oh yeah I did, didn't I?

Luke Ridnour played Ninja basketball last night, stealthily shooting 50% from the field and providing a guiding hand when needed....

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