Monday, March 12, 2012


This season now continues to limp forward...sorry about that.

Don't know about you but it seems to me as though there is a strange, eerie feeling in the air. We are all trying to be very brave but the stark fact remains....losing Ricky Rubio places the Minnesota Timberwolves under immense pressure as the embark on a tortuous, two week, seven game road trip.

One thing is for certain, it is impossible to predict how the squad will handle this. I think it's fair to write off last Saturday's game against the Hornets but they will need to show up, collectively, in Phoenix and for each and every game thereafter for this to work. Barea (when he gets himself fit and on the court), Beasley, Webster and Johnson will need to find some consistency in their games. These four players are the key on this road-trip - they need to least three out of the four.....each night.

Oh boy!
K-Love, Pek and Luke will be dependable in varying degrees.

Derrick Williams will be the rookie...and thus our wild card.

Rick Adelman will earn his huge salary over the coming weeks as he tries to negotiate and sustain a path towards the play-offs. He has the experience and the skills....he already has this group playing better....he now has to convince them that it is still possible to win basketball games without Rubio.

I'm looking forward to tonight's game.....hopefully it'll be a better contest than last time and I won't have to resort to playing "Count Kayte's Teeth"...although that wouldn't be too much of a chore.

The Twolves need to bring the attitude tonight....let's hope they can.

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