Thursday, March 1, 2012


So...which team is Michael Beasley being traded to today?....and who/what for?

Houston?  Los Angeles? New Jersey? Boston?

It's all confusing stuff and nonsense. As brave little Kobe Bryant said regarding the Pau Gasol trade rumors...." I don't want him to go but if he's going let's get the trade done!" Yeah, I'm all for that way of thinking. I'm not quite sure what Rick Adelman makes of it all...I'd love to know what he has said to the front office as regards what his plans are and who, regarding personnel, this will include. Maybe his brief has been to get the team to 0.500 and in position for a play-off push before the trades go down but Kahn has said that there will be little or no trading before the deadline....definitely nothing BIG. It really boils down to Adelman...and tonight he has to find a blend and he will continue to mix the ingredients in the Arizona desert against Old Father Nash and the Suns.

It seems that Kevin Love only had "flu-like symptoms"....

Which means he might be ready to perform at 100% in tonight's game?

If he isn't 100% what is the point in playing him and running him down more....this never ceases to amaze's not heroic - it's stupid...get yourself fit, then come back.

Barea is hurt too?

I really don't know what will happen tonight...not a clue do I have...honestly.

Although I am certain-sure that the lamentable Wes Johnson will start....and my undying love for Luke Ridnour will abide.

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