Saturday, March 3, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves 95 - Phoenix Suns 104

38 39, 40...wait...what are you estimating?

I was so bored during this game that I took to counting the number of teeth in Kayte Christensen's head...she has lots...and she was undoubtedly the highlight for me, the paying viewer, on what was another sorry night for the Timberwolves......oh my, that sounds very creepy, sorry Kayte.

In fact this was such a snoozerama that the Phoenix announcers spent an unhealthy amount of air time discussing Martell Webster's ridiculous haircut. We get it! It's ridiculous! Move least to Robin Lopez who looks equally ridiculous....dear god!

I've taken a day out prior to writing this post as I didn't really want to churn out a boring what shall I focus on...points of "interest" after the fold...

Quarter #1

  • Pek struggling to handle the Gortat and Nash tandem....they are very slick
  • There's blood on the ball..
  • Martell jams the ball on an attempted alley-oop...this is apparently very rare...we are honored.
  • Wes plays all but fifteen seconds of this quarter
Quarter #2
  • Sebastian Telfair is on the floor for Phoenix
  • Derrick Williams seems to have forgotten how to shoot free throws
  • Martell Webster best Twolf by a mile
  • Announcers - "Pek is not a tall guy per-se".......he's 6'11"?....I'm confused.
  • Twolves 8 points in lead....D-Will subbed out for Love? Necessary?
  • Twolves 0-7 from three point range....Beasley our best shooter from distance hasn't taken one?
Quarter #3
  • Wesley Johnson goes on a short scoring spree...then dries up again
  • Luke Ridnour is constantly and understandably targeted by opposing teams..he's a tough cookie
  • Kevin Love hits a 3 pointer, first of the night by either team!
  • Channing Frye gets one right back....groan.
  • Gortat inflicts a crushing block on Derrick Williams...ouch!
Quarter #4
  • Get out of the zone please!
  • It would be appropriate for someone to get close to Shannon Brown.
  • Twolves look buried at 79-90 but K-Love brings glimmer of hope with 4 straight points and some defense.
  • Rubio gets too cute, turns ball over on next play then later fouls Frye as shot clock expires...groan
  • Nash/Gortat pick and roll over.

Portland tonight.....hopefully here will be some Kayte though (boo!).

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