Friday, March 16, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves 105 - Utah Jazz 111

"WE ARE TIED...Unfortunately!" was the cry of the Utah Jazz announcers as the horn sounded on regulation at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

This and an endless stream of other "homerisms" (and I don't refer to the lovable Simpsons character here) totally ruined any droplet of enjoyment I could possible squeeze from last night's dire hack-fest.

Okay, the Twolves didn't play great and certainly dodged a bullet when "hacker-in-chief" Paul Millsap missed an easy lay in from a pretty good inbounds play with 0.07 left on the clock but they stuck with it as best they could....their best on this night wasn't good enough.....questions in a minute.

I was delighted to read that Tom Westerholm over at the excellent "Howlin T-Wolf" was as annoyed as me as regards the performance of Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring. I agree with everything he says....he puts it so much more eloquently than I ever could.

Utah really put the crap in "scrappy".....and they dragged us down with them.
My tag-line last night prior to the game was....."Block Out and Hit Open Shots!"

Well folks?....whaddaya think?

The Timberwolves gave up 17 Offensive Rebounds to the Utah Jazz......Derek Favors had 16 rebounds in total, half of them were ORs, Jefferson had 4, Millsap and Kanter had 2 apiece. So yeah, the "BLOCK OUT!" mantra fell on deaf ears.

Stand still Al...I'm gonna fly over the top of you!
As regards hitting open that didn't really happen either. Both Martell and Wes consistently missed wide open jumpers, as did Wayne....give Wes his due he stepped up in the fourth and hit a couple of buckets as the Twolves charged back to level the game and send it (unfortunately) to over-time but he didn't really do enough to merit his 36 minutes of playing time...the same can be said of Martell. Martell still makes too many questionable his attempted dunk over Big Al....yeah, that just looked...bad....and his attention to the inbounds play from which Millsap nearly won the game in regulation.

For whatever reason Derrick Williams only received 16 mins?

There were Randolph and Tolliver sightings....Randolph had 3 steals in 11 minutes....move over Ricky! AT managed 2 fouls.

Kevin Love was 9-23 (2-8 from three point range) and only 50% from the stripe...he was barged, poked, grabbed, swatted, pushed, pulled and wrestled all night long by a variety of Utah muggers...okay it's a man's game....Utah play it with their toes over the line which separates hard defense and dirty defense. It's my feeling that Joey Crawford and his team let them get away with far too much last night. At least half of Paul Millsap's 8 "steals" were fouls.

As usual Pek was Pek....and Luke was Luke....

Okay this is just a whine......The Los Angeles Lakers are next up......who knows what will happen?

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