Friday, March 16, 2012

Los Angeles...

Back to the Staples Center we go for another bite at the Lakers.

Delighted that B-Easy is still in the uniform of the Minnesota Timberwolves and would love if he returns to his berth on the bench for tonight's game....and has a big game....okay, one step at a time. Michael is listed as questionable, which usually means a player isn't going to feature doesn't it?,meh!

Ah,ah,ah,ah stayin' alive...stayin' alive
Kevin Love, who has made a habit, recently, of avoiding the Lakers sprained his thumb last night against the Brutahl Jazz but seems to be quite happy with how it's feeling and will be ready, along with Pek, to take it to Bynum and Gasol. Should be another tough contest.

Kobe is bound to get what he wants unless Wes Johnson has one of his "plugged in and amped" evenings.

We still need a performance from the bench players. I would assume Darko will be dusted off for this encounter.....Barea will need to stop dribbling up tree lined culdesacs.....Martell needs to cut his hair as that is seemingly the only thing about him worth talking about at the moment....D-Will could do with some more minutes.

Ex-Twolf Ramon Sessions is now with the Lakers and Derek Fisher isn't. Not sure what that does for them?

I didn't give a prediction for the road trip before it started...we are currently 1-1...let's say, oh, 4-3 if we get a little lucky...I'm counting SAS as a certain win, even without the unicorn they cannot break us.....wink!

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