Monday, March 5, 2012

Los Angeles (part 1....again)

Welcome to the basketballing week goodly Timberwolves fan!

Having had another much needed rest day yesterday (Sunday) the team are back in action tonight and have another busy seven days ahead in what seems to be a redux version of last week....only this time the venue is the Target Center. The Clippers, Blazers and the Lakers all come a-calling this week with the Hornets dropping by on Saturday before we, once more, hit the road for 4 games next week......gruelling....pretty much.

First up are the LA Clippers...a team of much talent...a team with a 22-13 record...a team who top the Pacific Division....a team who currently lie third as regards play-off contention in the Western Conference.....a team, who have lost TWICE on their HOME court to the Timberwolves this season so far.
A Kevin Love buzzer beating three saw them off in game #1.....the twin headed wolf (D-Will/B-Easy) scored 54 points for a great win in game #3 promises much, in this budding rivalry.

K-Love looked revitalised in the win over Portland on Saturday night and must be keen to get another bite at Blake Griffin.  Love doesn't possess the footspeed or athleticism to guard Griffin...not a criticism - fact....there aren't many power forwards out there who can guard Griffin....Darko must surely edge his way back into the frame for significant periods in this contest just because he has the length to deal with Blake and, for some peculiar reason, has played really well against him....horses for courses. Kevin Love will cause havoc though, I don't doubt that.

The Clippers are coming off a tough win in OT in Houston last night, so there could be a residue of fatigue...we've seen it in the Twolves in recent games. Having rested Sunday, Minnesota will surely hope that the longer this one goes, the better.....fourth quarters have been fairly strong all season when they've been in contention.

What To Expect   V    What We Might Wish For

1. Wes Johnson will start........Martell Webster will be given the berth to see how things pan out
2. B-Easy will continue to be distracted by the trade rumors........B-Easy will score 30 and play "D"
3. D-Williams will continue to make good progress....D-Williams will continue to make good progress.
4. Ricky Rubio will continue to dish his shot will also start dropping again.
5. Pek will have another strong Darko will support him ably and do another job on Griffin.

As I've said before in the previous previews for games against the Clippers, Rick Adelman has too much nouse for Vinny Del Negro. Adelman is all about execution...Del Negro is all about hanging on to a job that is too big for him. I predict that our coach will, for a third time, find the winning combination.

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