Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Los Angeles Clippers 94 - Minnesota Timberwolves 95

This headline summed it all up today....."CP2 from 3" ( Bob McFlallergy - Canis Hoopus).

This game did basically boil down to Chris Paul at the foul line which is a shame because for most of this contest the Twolves were the better team (am I wrong?)..... I, like Bob and I'm sure many other home fans, thought that Paul would ice all three and tie up the game....he didn't and the Twolves hung on to go 3-0 in this season's series.

However, is that the whole truth?

Should Paul shoulder that blame or should we magnify the ineptitude of Blake Griffin at the charity stripe?...6-13 is woeful for a player who makes his living driving, dunking, alley-ooping and drawing fouls.


Do we sit back and bask in the glory of another sensational performance from Kevin Love.....he was very, very, very good last night and lead us home with a towering 39/17 double double....yes, I think we do.

I'm going to start today with not one but two stat lines for you to gush over...not!

Wesley Johnson

Caron Butler

Daggers....Rick style.....scary.
This was a match made in heaven...Rick Adelman finally found someone who sucks more than Wes. Both of these players hurt their respective teams again last night....both of them have ugly, ugly shots and look like they are playing in a trance. Unfortunately the Twolves didn't really get much production of note from Martell Webster ( who has promised much in the last 2 games) or Michael Beasley (who has not)....in fact I thought that Coach Adelman was going to walk onto the court and throttle Beasley at one point, specifically when he clumsily fouled Bobby Simmons on three point shot ( a feat repeated by D-Will at a much more crucial juncture) ...however Adelman regained control and went back to his chair where he looked daggers at Beasley from afar as Simmons drained the +1. To be fair to Michael he got things slightly going at the start of the fourth, scoring all of his 9 points in the first 6 minutes of that quarter but he was taken out in favour of Webster with 4 minutes left.
It was left to Derrick Williams along with Darko (deputizing for the injured Pekovic) and Luke Ridnour  to pick up the slack. Darko was a super efficient 6/7 from the field, D-Will and Luke a little less so but all made important contributions to this win. Prince Darko, specifically, was again very useful against Blake Griffin and looked much more aggressive near the hoop.....be still my beating heart.

Get to bed young man!
Which brings us to the Unicorn, who had another tricky night. Unfortunately for Ricky Rubio there's nothing else for it but to play his way out of this. He is most definitely forcing shots at the moment and it looks decidedly bad, he also is a victim of "no calls"...the kid is being hacked mercilessly but isn't going to get calls against the likes of Paul, yet.. however he's sticking with it and because he is such a catalyst to many good things (both offensively and defensively) about the Twolves, he needs to play..and play he will. Things will start going for him soon.....once he gets a good night's sleep!

The Twolves saw this one out and sneak back over 0.500 again. The next three games, being at the Target Center, are crucial. If we come out 3-1 that would be splendid and would catapult them further into the play-off picture.....it's important to build some momentum now.

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