Saturday, January 14, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves 87 - New Orleans Hornets 80

It's can look now.

Man that game was a horror show which did fit (as he NOH commentary team reminded us endlessly) its Friday the 13th billing. Tabloid-esque sound bytes aside it was good road win for this hard pressed Twolves team.

From the drudgery of a dismal and quite frankly depressing sort of first half there was nothing of any note to speak of other than Kevin Love's inability to score the ball or get his hands on a rebound and the fact that the NOH bigs were making hay....Okafor tossed AR around like a rag doll and Kaman was grabbing boards...he wasn't scoring (thank the lord). Darko who had started indifferently was in his usual position on the bench and I was sharpening my pencil in readiness for making him the sole reason that Minnesota would lose this game.
We all know that we won this contest because of the amazing second half display of Kevin Love and the disarming brilliance of Ricky Rubio (who, as Zach Harper rightly says, should have had another double double) but.....and I may be alone in thinking this.....I thought Darko was terrific defensively at the start of the second half , in fact, the whole of the third quarter....there I said it. Give the big guy some credit, I mean, someone ( that he actually listens to ) must have ripped him a new a**hole at half time because his effort went up immeasurably, if ever there was a game where his presence was needed it was this one...he played all but 41 secs of the third quarter and left the court when his team had built a 12 point cushion. Why isn't better to put a positive spin on things?

Yes there were times in the first half where you could see Adelman shaking his head and covering his eyes when Darko went near the ball but it was so obvious that we needed all 7ft of him in the paint on defense last night. I thought he did okay....I know the +/- can be deceiving but he was +10....same as K-Love.

Speaking of K-Love, dare we say "slump over"?

The NOH announcers ran through a plethora of "Love" related phrases last night...too many to count

"Love is definitely in the air......"
"Here comes the Love train....."
"There's no Love lost..."
"Too much Love, baby....." etc etc etc.

This really was a twin headed beast last night...albeit in an atrocious game....the objective is scratching another notch in the "W" column. That was duly achieved and now, possibly, the Twolves may begin to gather some momentum again. Tonight's game against Atlanta won't be easy, it never is....then again Horford  is an enormous miss for them...interesting prospect.

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punchdrunktwolves said...

Good wrap. I'm probably a bit more down on Darko than I should be--seeing him drop passes and miss bunnies game after game makes it harder to see the good. He did do a very nice job on Kaman last night and he's our only big man who can defend legit NBA centers, so he's definitely going to need to log minutes against the Lakers, Magic, Bucks, and other teams that have high-quality traditional big men.

It'll be interesting to see how flexible Adelman will get with his rotations against other teams that don't play a traditional center. In a counterfactual world in which we'd managed to sign Chuck Hayes, I wonder how much tick he'd be getting at the 5. Care to venture a guess?